Alejandro Stein is an architect working in the field of museology. Through his practice in exhibition design, he is interested in creating holistic experiences structured by the integration of art objects and design elements within an architectural space. His work challenges pre-existing notions of museological environments in an attempt to engage with content and audiences in nuanced ways. 

Alejandro is currently the Director of Exhibition Design at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. He is also a founding partner of world, an architecture and graphic design studio focusing on exhibitions and publications. Alejandro previously worked as Senior Exhibition Designer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he designed several exhibitions and contributed to the redesign of the Michael C. Rockefeller Wing.

Alejandro holds a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, where he has taught courses on architectural design and representation. Upon graduating, he was awarded a Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Prize and an ARPA Fellowship to conduct a self-directed research project.

Alejandro was born in Caracas and is currently based between New York City and San Francisco.

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